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Shia are not Majority in Bahrain, Claims Bahrain’s Ministry of Information

samera_rajab_60_0interview with DW news agency, Sameera Rajab, representative of Bahrain’s ministry of information, claimed Shia are not majority of population in Bahrain. She furthermore explained that there is no evidence that most of the Bahrainis are Shia and media outlets manipulated the truth.

In June 2014 she had expressed her support for ISIS and stated that name ISIS is used in media as a cover up for Iraqis’ will of freedom and democracy. In 2013 she criticized US Department of State’s human rights report in Bahrain and said “The report includes texts which are totally far from the truth, adopting a manner that fuels terror and terrorists targeting Bahrain’s national security”.

Sameera’s claim is against all researches that sate Bahrain is a Shia majority country led by Sunni minority. Bahraini government has revoked citizenship of number of Shia human rights activists since Arab Spring. Also it eased the citizenship process for non-Shia foreigners in order to change the population demograpgy.

Bahraini government openly rejects history and population of Shia in this country in order to justify its human rights violations toward this population, says SRW.


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