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Shia Facing new Restrictions and Discriminations in Egypt

On November 25th, 2012, Shia were prevented from entering mosque to commorate Ashura. Every year many Shia go to Al-Hussain mosque to commemorate Ashura, however this year they were prevented in doing so. Some were even arrested. The authorities claim the arrest was because they did not have their ID card. Shia were identified by their black shirts they wear as a sign of the day of Ashura. They were questioned, arrested and/ or prevented to join the event.

Egyptian Shia have never felt safe to practice their faith in public. Recently anti-Shia Salafi groups have gained straight and oppose Shia’s believes in their statements. This year they attacked Shia beliefs by preventing them from practicing Ashura rituals.

Anti-Shia Salafis have always targeted Shia in their celebrations and they are increasing their authorities in Egypt. S.R.W believes Shia rights are being violated in this country and asks the government to interfere and give Shia their basic human rights.


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