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Shia News Wire #64

April 22nd to 29th, 2016


Monday 4/25/16 many people were killed via car bomb near the revered Shia shrine of Sayyida Zeinab in the town of Al-Diyabiyah, which is a common place for Shia to visit on religious pilgrimages. According to the Syrian observatory for human rights the death toll is at 15 and 80 people were injured as a result of the bombing.


Monday April 25th, a car bomb went off killing at least 11 and injuring 39 in a Shia district of Baghdad. No one immediately claimed the attacks. The blast also set fire to 5 vehicles who were in the vicinity. The attack occurred that evening during rush hour.

April 22nd, 2016 An ISIS claimed suicide bomber killed six Shia Muslims in Baghdad, Iraq at a mosque. Six people killed and at least 33 people injured. Journalists saw three dead bodies being taken away from the massacre in coffins.

A mass grave was discovered in Baghdad. 30 bodies were fund. Officials are still investigation to identify the bodies.

Saudi Arabia

Monday April 23rd, Saudi Arabia approved of the death sentence for Shia activist Yusof al-Mosheykhas, in the city of Awwamiyah in the eastern region of Qatif. In January 2014 after attending a few anti-government protests he was arrested and charged for an act of terrorism.

On Sunday April 22nd, the Saudi government sentenced Issa al-Hamid, an activist, to 9 years in jail for protesting for his human rights. He is also banned from foreign travel through this period. Al-Hamid is a senior member of the Saudi Association for Civil and Political Rights (HASEM). The court found him guilty of instigating people to violate public order, insulting the judiciary, and defaming a number of senior religious figures. Felice Gaer, A UN Torture Committee Member said that there have been many cases of suspects being tortured by the Saudi regime into making confessions (most of which are untrue).

It is notable that Saudi government charges all anti-governments with terror crime.


On April 27, 2016 Bahrain sentenced eight Shia to a lifetime jail sentence. On Tuesday, the same court jailed five others for “terrorist aims”, the prosecution said.

It is notable that Bahraini government, like Saudi, charges all anti-governments with terror crime.


A religious scholar of Shia school of thought named Allama Imdad Hussan Jafri was slaughtered, on Wednesday in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Unknown armed terrorists illegally entered the scholar’s home and slaughtered him to death.


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