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Shia Rights Watch’s Message to Saudi Authorities

hajjAs Hajj ritual starts soon, SRW invites the Saudi Arabia’s kingdom to assure security and freedom of Shia Muslims to participate in Hajj. Every year thousands of Shia Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. However instead of warmth welcome form authorities they face multiple restrictions that limit their ability to practice their faith or threaten their security.

SRW receives number of complaints from Shia Muslims living in or visiting Saudi Arabia during Hajj. Saudi authorities have repeatedly insulted Shia Muslims, searched their residences, seized their ritual prayers books, and in some cases arrested them.

Hajj is becoming more and more difficult for Shia Muslims as anti-Shi’im is growing in this country.

SRW urges Saudi Kingdom to take advantage of Hajj season to spread peace and initiate dialog among Muslims. Shia Muslims must feel secure to go to Hajj and Saudi has no rights to prevent them from their religious duty. 


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