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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in January, 2018

Shia Rights watch continues its research and advocacy for the 7th consecutive year. The year 2018 began with the release of the SRW Annual Report, highlighting minority rights violations and the persecution of Shia Muslims. The 18-page report analyzed the state of the Shia Minority in relation to international events …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in July, 2017

Monthly Analysis: July 2017 The 20 attacks that occurred in July left the Shia population in a position susceptible to human rights violations. Despite the overall decrease in casualties in July from June of 2017, 262 individuals were killed and 53 were wounded. These large numbers bare witness to the …

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Bi-Annual Anti-Shiism Report

Shia Rights Watch_AntiShiism

Intro The first half of 2017 has been a turbulent time for Shia Muslims all over the world. Anti-Shiism, or the active targeting of Shia Muslim to limit their visibility and expression, was prevalent in across the globe. Shia Muslims, including their sub groups, make up approximately 50% of the …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in JUNE, 2017

June 2017 Anti-Shiism Across the Middle East As anti-Shiism runs high, over 133 were killed in the month of June. New this month are attacks on Iranian soil and a death sentence given by social media posting in Pakistan. A compilation of news from on the grounds sources and major …

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حزيران / يونيو

 7/6 تفجيرات إرهابية تضرب العاصمة الإيرانية طهران: أقدمت مجموعة مسلحة تنتمي لتنظيم داعش الإرهابي على إطلاق النار قبل تفجير افرادها وسط مبنى مجلس الشورى ومرقد قائد الثورة  جنوبي طهران، مما أسفر مقتل 12 شخص وجرح 31 اخرين.

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in August, 2016

Shia Rights Watch_August 2016

Incidents of Anti-Shiism in August, 2016 This monthly report will analyze the data compiled on Shia deaths, injuries, and arrests that occurred between August 1st and 31st, 2016. This month there were 334 deaths, and 67 wounded in the Shia community. Also 47 to 50 cases of arrest were reported. …

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Shia Rights Watch Engagement at the 31st Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council “Countering Terrorism and Promoting Equal Rights”

Human Rights Council- 31st session – Item 3 Promotion and protection of human Rights and Fundamental freedom while countering terrorism and Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights Interactive Dialogue Countering Terrorism and Promoting Equal Rights Contribution Oriane Dumas Geneva March 10, 2016 Mr. President,   Shia Rights Watch would like to …

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