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The UN’s Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee’s (CTC) Global Research Network

Countering terrorism remains leading focus of Shia Rights Watch, due to its importance to restore justice about crimes done towards innocent people and saving lives. It is essential to understand what different types of extremism are, how do they operate and what are they motives. Shia Right’s advisor on counter Terrorism attends a United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee meeting titled “Foreign Terrorist Fighters,” with the hopes of being educated more about new terrorist groups.

Following the launch of the United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee’s (CTC) Global Research Network last February, the Committee on 24 November held an open briefing with research institutions from around the world to analyse and discuss emerging terrorism issues and trends, particularly pertaining to foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs).

The half-day briefing consists of two thematic sessions focused on research by network partner institutions on “The motivations and backgrounds of foreign terrorist fighters,” and on “Rehabilitation and reintegration strategies for returning foreign terrorist fighters.”

Shia ( Shiites ) have been victims of inhumane crimes in more than dozen countries and it is essential to understand the new and upcoming terrorist groups and be able to reduce their crimes and finally eliminate their violent behavior.


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