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20 Shia muslim killed and 80 injured in Parachinal attack

Shahid Hussain, Salman Ali, Muntazir, Shariff, Sardar Hussain , Irshad , Hidayat Hussain, and his son Muhammad, Manzar Hussain, and Said Gul.

This are the names that could be identified among the 20 Shia Muslims who were killed and 80 wounded in the same attack targeting Shia. The attack took place on September 10, 2012 at 2:40pm.

According to authorities, a suicide bomber drove his explosive-laden vehicle into Kashimir Square and detonated it in the middle of the market were many are from the Shia community.

The violence in Pakistan is getting worse and government still continues to be silent toward Shia Muslims who are targeted on a daily bases.

Shia Rights Watch has sent the letter to the Pakistani ambassador, urging the government to take action in saving the minority Shia Muslim and bringing the people involved to justice.


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