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Civilians Paying the Price of Political Disputes

Some human rights activists affirm death of as many as 95000 Alawi in Syria during past two years. Alawis belong to the Shia sec of Islam. Because the Syrian government is also known to be Alawi, all Alawis are under pressure from oppositions in this country.

Foreign terrorist groups, mainly from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon and Chechen, target and murder anyone they can identify as Shia Muslim or Alawi. Many of those killed are civilians who do not have any political ties with the government or any other group.

It is against International Bill of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law to target civilians. The Syrian government might be Alawi but that does not give permission to opposition groups to target all Alawis and kill them.

Killing as many as 95000 Alawi is certainly a war crime. The fight for democracy and freedom should not involve murdering civilians or targeting specific religious group.

SRW condemns the violent in Syria and urges all groups to respect humanitarian laws and do not engage in any human right violations or war crime.

We wish Syrians find peace soon and rebuild their country with democracy and tolerance.


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