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Eid Letter to the Embassies Around the World

As end of the Ramadhan and Eid approaches, Shia Rights Watch sent Happy Eid letters to embassies in Washington DC inviting countries around the world to keep minorities and their rights in mind. This NGO called for more protection for Shia population around the world and highlighted the importance of peacekeeping as an international effort.

Read the letter bellow:

Dear Honorable Ambassador….
Shia Rights Watch congratulates you on the auspicious occasion of Eid al- Fitr. Eid marks the end of Ramadhan but the start of a new year, with Muslims empowered and recharged in values and faith.
The Muslim world congregates in unison on this day as a display of solidarity against intolerance and injustice. Let this day serve as a reminder that we are all one global community, either brothers in blood or sisters in humanity.
As a Human Rights NGO, Shia Rights Watch, whose primary goal is maintaining and promoting peace in the world, invites you to take steps towards ending minority and Shia rights violations. Shia Muslims remain the largest minority population in most Islamic nation yet most affected by the attack of extremism.
Your protection of this minority allows for stabilization and promotion of diversity and religious expression further strengthens peace endeavors and limits the growth of extremism.
Shia Rights Watch offers its full support and services in accommodating an environment of fertile communication amongst your leadership and constituents.
We wish you the utmost prosperity on this Eid.

Shia Rights Watch

June 2017


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