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Flashback Friday, January 15, 2021

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Balochistan, Pakistan

After six days on the ground, the bodies of the Hazara miners were buried last week. An approximate 5,000 people attended the mass burial ceremony in Hazara Town Cemetery.
Family of the deceased had refused to bury their loved ones before a visit from Prime Minister Imran Khan. Approval to bury the miners came after promises from the government to address Hazara violence in Pakistan.
Since the anti-Shia attacks in Mach, various national and regional officials have visited Baluchistan. In meeting with the families of those deceased, Army Chief General Bajwa assured that “the perpetrators of this heinous incident shall be brought to justice and blood of the martyrs will not go wasted.”
Home to the largest Shia Hazara population, Baluchistan sits strategically at the borders of Iran, Afghanistan, and India.
The lack of security for Hazara Shia in Quetta has called into question Pakistan’s legitimacy in controlling extremist violence.

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