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International day for Shia Rights

 Join SRW campaign remembering Minors in Bahrain Prison

Shia Rights Watch proclaims June 12th as International Day of Shia Rights, inviting communities, human rights NGOs and governments to devote this day to promoting national observance for the sacrifices to advocate for minority rights all over the world.

Shia Muslims believe in all basic instructions of Islam as other Muslims. Although they represent large population of Muslims all around the world, they are the largest and most oppressed minority group worldwide.

The goal of the SRW is to increase awareness about this population and the oppression they face on basis of their faith. The NGO hopes such awareness can result in a reduction in discrimination, freedom of innocent prisoners, advocacy for the oppressed, recognition of Shia Muslims as rightful citizens and legalization of peaceful Shia practices around the world.

This year, Shia Rights Watch dedicates this day in remembrance of Shia 550 minors in Bahrain who have been detained and imprisoned in their journey to freedom. In their search for democracy, tens of Bahraini minors have sacrificed their future, in hopes of creating one brighter for all those around them. Despite Bahrain’s ratification of the International Convention for the Rights of a Child, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Bahrain has incarcerated, tortured and even killed numerous counts of underage minors in attempts of subduing peaceful protest.

Shia Rights Watch asks you to join our efforts in condemning human rights violations towards minority groups of all kinds and promoting remembrance for all those children whose basic right to life have been violated in their search for freedom.  Join us in our efforts to put an end to oppression on basis of belief, especially on children and youth.

To get involved with this campaign you can do the following:

  • Tweet with the hashtags #IntShiaDay and #612ShiaDay
  • Contact your congressional representatives and tell them to support the International Shia Rights Resolution
    • For more information on the International Shia Rights Resolution click here.

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