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Shia News Wire_#26

July 26, 2015

Wave of attacks targeting Shia in Baghdad kills 5 and wound 15

This week Baghdad, Iraq has witnessed a wave of attacks that have left 5 Shia dead and 15 wounded. The first wave of attacks occurred in the Iraqi city of Baghdad on Monday, July 27th. Sources say that two were killed and nine were wounded when a locally-made improvised explosive device went off at a market place in the al-Sadr area of eastern Baghdad. Two civilians were later gunned down by an unidentified assailant in the Shia neighborhood of al-Bayyaa. A third attack occurred later that day in the Al-Nahrawan district, when a separate IED detonated, killing 1 and wounding 6. These attacks have supported the upward trend of bombings across Baghdad with a third IED exploding later in the week at Mahmoudiya wounding 6 on July 30th.

Prominent Shia cleric arrested in India

On the 27th a Shia cleric named Maulana Kalbe Jawwad was arrested after him and his followers held a demonstration in Kaiserbagh India, protesting the misuse of Shia Waqf properties. The protest demanded the removal of Waseem Rizvi, Chairman of Shia Waqf Board. Rizvi has been accused of allegedly participating in corruption practices. Shia Rights Watch urges local authorities to respect his right to freely express himself and release them.

Shia U.S. Embassy worker shot and killed in Islamabad, Pakistan

On Monday the 27th an unidentified assailant entered Iqbal Baig’s home in Islamabad, Pakistan. The intruder shot and killed Baig, an Ismaili minority working at the US embassy at the Drug Enforcement Agency. Motives behind the attack are still unclear. Shia Rights Watch urges Pakistani security officials and U.S. embassy officials conduct investigations into this shooting and identify the assailant.

 Nusra Front kills two Shia Pilgrims in Damascus

On Tuesday the 28th, a member of al-Nursa shot and killed two Shia in the Syrian city of Damascus. The two Shia were visiting a shrine when they were attacked. This comes less than a week after militants from the group fired hundreds of rockets into a village in the Idlib province, killing seven and injuring dozens.

Shia cleric ordered to leave Saudi after he received death threats

Hujjat al-Islam Shaykh Abdul-Karim al-Hubayl, a Shia cleric, was ordered to leave the country by Saudi Arabia on Wednesday the 29th. Saudi security forces told Hujjat that they were unable to protect his life. Shia clerics and scholars have recently been receiving threats across the gulf country by militant groups.

VBIED explodes outside of Ismaili Shia mosque in Sana’a  

Lastly, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device was used to attack an Ismaili mosque in the Yemeni capital of Yemen. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this explosion that claimed the lives 4 and wounded 6. This is the third mosque attack in Yemen during the month of July.



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