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SRW’s Six Month Accomplishments

SRW’s Six Month Accomplishments

Dear SRW members, interns, volunteers, followers and subscribers,

While you were busy supporting us, we were working hard defending Shia minority rights. This is a brief summary to thank you for your help, hard work and support. Because of you, SRW has been able to defend Shia rights through various advocacy methods, research based reports, and presentations in Geneva and the New York UN and other human rights committees.  The following shows only some of our accomplishments. Your trusted SRW representatives have:


  •         The NGO advocated for the rights of Saudi, Malaysian,  and Azerbaijani Shia through oral and written statements presented at UN Human Rights Council- 31st Session.

SRW’s Executive Director, Mustafa Akhwand presented as an expert on Bahraini Shia rights violations at “Persecution of Shia in Bahrain”,  a two day summit in Brussels. The summit was organized by SALAM for human rights and justice and No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ), to promote and protect human rights and democracy in the Middle East and in Bahrain in particular.

SRW’s expert in de-radicalization, Mujtaba AKhwand, actively participated in a roundtable debate focusing on Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education in the Trusteeship Council Chamber in New York as part of The UNSG Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) advocates global citizenship education (GCED).

SRW Women’s Rights Wing has hosted a side event at the UN to highlight specific struggles of Shia women under the topic of  Women’s Empowerment: A Major Step in Peace, Reconciliation & Capacity Building.

On 6/12 SRW volunteers and members celebrated International Shia Day by hosting flower and peace message distribution in Washington DC, launched http://internationalshiaday.com and also took pledge to stand for Shia rights through a pledge page on the official website, using hashtags #612 and # 612ShiaDay.  

Watch videos of  International Shia Day here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0YcrzIDiBU.

Shia Rights Watch staff would like to thank you all for making Shia rights watch possible with your support. Stay in touch


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