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Toll of Shi’a killed in Parachinar Suicide Blast Mounts to 44 + Name

www.shiarightswatc.org-pk-17A suicide bomb attack on a market in a Shia area in north-west Pakistan has killed 30 Shia and injured at least 50 others, officials say.

The death toll from Friday’s suicide blast and subsequent firing by security forces on protesters in Parachinar rose to 44 on Saturday.18 Shia were killed in bus ambush in Kohistan, Pakistan.

The attacker blew himself up close to a mosque in the town of Parachinar in Pakistan’s tribal region of Kurram.

Three more Shia died when security forces fired on crowds protesting against the attack.

According to Reuters news agency, Pakistani Taliban were behind this attack.

Shia of Parachinar are victims of human rights violations. According to our reporter, there have been a lot of crime in this area which SRW will cover in their Shia Pakistan report latter.

List of some of the Shia killed in Parachinar on 17 Feb 2012

1) Johar Ali s/o Shafat Ali (Mulana)
2) Qaisar Hussain s/o Abdullah Shaikh
3) Ali Raza s/o M Qamber Shakardara
4) Yaqoob s/o Ghulam Ali  Shangak
5) Murtuza s/o Burer Hussain Salozan
6) Shuqat Hussain s/o Akber Hussain
7/ Mazahir Hussain s/o Akber Hussain Malikhel
8) Syed Saber Hussain s/o Nabi Zareen
9) Jan Agha s/o Noor Hussain Khoshi
10) Shujat Hussain s/o Hussain Ghulam Zareen
11) Hadayet Hussain s/o Moheb Ali Dahl
12) Syed Istyaq Hussain s/o Syed Akber Zareen
13) Habib Hussain s/o Imran Ali
14) Jameel Hussain s/o Ali Zaman
15) Azgher Ali s/o Dafter Ali Salozan
16) Irfan Ali s/o Sultan Ali Zareen
17) Ghulam Hussain s/o Meer Hasan Zareen
18) Haider Abbas s/o Meer Hasan Zareen
19) Bahar Hussain s/o Iqbal Hussain Molana
20) Rashed Hussain s/o Liyaqt Hussain Pewar
21) Wajid Hussain s/o Manzoor Ali Zeran
22) Manzoor Ali Zeran
23) Qasir Hussian s/o Mohib Haji Boshera
24) Noor Aalm s/o Hamid Sapar shaheed upon firing of Rangers
25) Ikhtiar Sapar
26) Rashid Ali s/o Ali Mohammed Kirman, shaheed upon firing of Rangers
27) Arif s/o Hasan Kirman
28) Gulzar Sholazan
29) Wajid Ali s/o Manzoor Ali Zeeran
30) Ikhtiar Zeeran, shaheed upon firing of Rangers
31) S Asif Hussain s/o Syed Hasan Jan Kirman,
32) Kamran Ali s/o Imran Ali, Shablan
33) Mashad Hussain s/o Sultan Hasan, Gwadarm
34) Zeeshan s/o Ashiq Hussain, Kara Khela
35) Qaisar Ali s/o Naseeb Ali, Khawat
36) Shujaat, Baghdi
37) Kamran Ali s/o Mukhtar Ali, Zeeran
38) Abid Hussain, Zeeran
39) S Asif Hussain s/o Syed Hur Hussain, Kirman
40) Javaid hussain s/o Imran Ali Kirman
41) Wahab Ali s/o Noor Ali Pawar
42) Syed Mohd s/o Wilayat Hussain Kirman
43) Turab Ali s/o Hussain Ali Shalozan
44) Sahid Hussain s/o Ahmed Ali Pawar


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