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Election, Raising Opportunity for Violence

May 11th is the general Election Day in Pakistan and as we get closer to the date violence is rising in this country. Two Shia politicians have already been targeted. Last week’s two attacks killed nine and injured more than 20.

First bomb targeted the campaign office of Noor Akbar Khan, who is running in the Orakzai tribal district. Six people died and 10 were injured due to the explosion.

A second bomb targeted a campaign office of another candidate, Nasir Khan Afridi, in the suburbs of Peshawar city, and killed three people and injured 12.

Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility for both attacks.

As candidates campaign for election the danger of the targeted killings elevates in Pakistan. It is critical for the Pakistani government to assure election is done in safe and secure environment where people can freely participate and vote for their candidates. Shia Rights Watch believes it is time for the government to show its power and prevent human rights violations.


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