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Killings Countinues

On April 8th, 2013 two Shia Muslims were killed and two seriously wounded by anti-Shia groups. Sh.Mohd.Hassan Kashmiri, a Shia activist, was shot and killed as two motorcycle riders attacked him.

Another Shia Muslim, Baqar Zaidi, was wounded in an attack and his driver was killed on spot. The driver, Qasim Jafri, was shot in the head in a drive by shooting.

In another incident, 54-year-old Syed Baqir Hussain Zaidi was also wounded due to shooting to his left arm and leg.

Continually Shia targeted killings in Pakistan are adding to the number of death of innocent people and the authorities lack the desire to stop the trend.

As terrorists kill and injure Shia men, who are often the primary financial providers of the family, more and more children are facing poverty. Due to the rising violence against Shia Muslims in Pakistan many women and children lack adequate nutrition and education. The Pakistani government and international humanitarian organizations must realize that sectarian conflicts not only affect the security of the country but also results in increased poverty, lack of education, rising emotional difficulties.

International agencies must get involved to stop the elevating problems in Pakistan. SRW invites all organizations to help each other by reporting and targeting human rights violations and help Pakistani Shia Muslims regain their security and live in peace.


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