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Genocide Designation

The Shia Rights Watch would like to express its appreciation of Secretary of State, John Kerry’s recent statement in regards to recognition of ISIS’s crimes as “genocide”.
According to John Kerry, United States has determined that ISIS’s actions against minorities such as Yazidi, Christians, and Shia Muslims, all constitutes as acts of genocide. “Daesh is genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology and by actions, in what it says, in what believes and in what it does,” The Secretary of State said in an official announcement.

The State Department had been reluctant to use term “genocide,” about the attacks and mass murders by ISIS, which leads SRW to believe that Kerry’s statement is a strong movement towards combating ISIS and its ideology

Furthermore, Kerry‘s support to collect and document the evidence against ISIS strengths and empowers human rights activists who have been endangering their lives in order to document ISIS’s crimes and advocates to hold perpetrators accountable.

Shia Rights Watch urges the White House to condone this statement and empower it further more. We also ask the State Department and the White House to denaturalize those citizens who join ISIS. Finally SRW hopes that US utilizes the International Criminal Court to punish not just ISIS fighters but also countries that financially and theologically support them.


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