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Flashback Friday, April 2, 2021

Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, 
Saudi Arabian officials continue to quell the nation’s Shia Muslim population. 
In late March, forces raided numerous homes in Al-Awamiya and Qatif. National forces forcibly entered the homes of Ahmed and Hadi Tariq al-Faraj and the Salma family, both family of martyrs previously executed. Moreover, two members of the Salma family were arrested. 
Those arrested face inhumane hardships such that of denial of medical care. 
Karbala, Iraq,
Security officials stopped a suicide bomber targeting pilgrims traveling to the Holy City for 15 of Sha’ban, the birthday of the 12th Shia Imam. Traveling on a bus designated for pilgrims, the terrorist pretended to be deaf to evade security searches. 
Officials suspect the arrested individual to be inspired by ISIS ideology.  
Manama, Bahrain,
Shia Cleric Kamel Al-Heshami sustained a heart attack while detained in Jaws Prison. 
Al-Heshami has since been transferred to a hospital with the advocacy of his family. Six months remain from Al-Heshami’s sentence. 

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