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Flashback Friday March 26, 2021

Punjab, Pakistan, 
Raja Basharat, Provincial Law Minister, took measures to address systemic discrimination against Shia Muslims in Punjab Province. The minister assured local Shia delegations to withdraw cases against Shia mourners and to investigate cases brought forth by anti-Shia discrimination.
Shia Muslims report discrimination and bias within social systems that falsely incriminate practices of religious expression. 
Nangarhar, Afghanistan,
Separate roadside bombs kill one and injure another in the city of Jalalabad. Authorities have yet to report any arrests. 
Saladin, Iraq,
Detonation of a bomb in north Saladin injured two and killed one. Authorities suspect ISIS involvement and report increased attacks in the area recognized as the “Triangle of Death” between Kirkuk, Saladin, Diyala.
Manama, Bahrain,
The spread of Covid-19 in detention centers continues. This week, Abd Ali Al-Singace tested positive. Al-Singace suffers from chronic disease that puts him at increased risk.

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